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by Registered Agent Services, LLC.

LLC Registered Agent dot-com is your one stop shop for LLC registered agent service.

We’re an LLC ourselves, and we provide registered agent service in every state. Why are we an LLC when our competition are corporations? Because we’re entrepreneurs just like you. Registered Agent Services, LLC is owned by one person. Not a big board that makes slow decisions. We work day and night to provide the best LLC registered agent service you can find.

What does that really mean?

Let’s say a client asks for something or complains about something in their account or would like to see us do something different for them. The owner tells one of our in-house programmers to make it that way, and we make the client happy within hours. Or let’s say a client is confused on something. We have one of our paralegals figure it out for them. It’s that simple. There is enough bureaucracy out there for LLC business owners. We want to make your life simpler and we back up our words with our actions every day.

If you’re looking for LLC registered agent service, you’ve found the right site. We provide LLC registered agent service in every State. So no matter where you want to form your LLC, we’ll be here for you.

When you sign up for LLC registered agent, it sets up your online account immediately. You then have access to all the LLC forms you can file in the State, pre-populated with our registered agent information on them, and LLC filing instructions for that State. Let’s say you need to register in another State later down the road, or want to set up another LLC, or a LLC holding company. You don’t have to spend hours researching what you need to do. If you’d like to add Trade Name Service (DBA), you can do so inside your account portal after purchasing one of our business formation packages. We charge $125 plus state fees for our Trade Name Service.

We’ll also give you everything you need to establish your online business presence. Our service includes a business domain of your choice, an email address at that domain, a website on an open-source platform, and an SSL certificate for website security. Plus, you’ll get a business phone number you can use with an internet connection on your computer or with our iOS or Android apps.

We have the forms to file, filing instructions, annual report instructions, tax summaries, certificate guides, license guides, department of revenue guides, and all sorts of helpful links to various State agencies in your account that you might find useful.

We don’t charge you extra when your LLC gets service of process, or annual reports at our registered office address. We upload documents into your online account immediately. We send you annual report reminders with instructions for filing. The price stays the same every year. If you ever have a problem, we’re here to help.

If you’d like immediate service, please sign up online. If you’d like to give us a call to see if there’s actually someone here that knows what they are talking about, you can see the phone number at the top of every page. We don’t hide our contact info. That’s what we’re here for!

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