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About Your Ohio Registered Agent

Let’s talk a little bit about getting a registered agent in Ohio.

Why are there resident agents in the first place?

When I was a kid, you just fought dragons and paid your taxes to the lord of the land. Eventually, economies changed, new business structures like corporations and limited liability companies emerged. These types of company structures were created to protect business owners from liabilities and provide tax advantages. Entities are given stature that is independent from the individuals who form them. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for people to figure out that they could dodge legal actions by personally hiding out from process servers. So, to get rid of that loophole, most states require companies to select a “registered agent.”

Describe the duties of a standard registered agent in Ohio?

A resident agent in Ohio furnishes a physical address where someone is present during normal business hours. The registered agent is responsible to receive service of process and legal documents for your business and then deliver this paperwork on to your company. In addition, your registered agent will prompt you of important filing due dates like annual report filings and renewals. They can also check to verify your business is in conformance with Ohio business codes.

How does having a resident agent aid my company?

Most importantly, designating a registered agent keeps your business in compliance with state law. In addition, we receive and scan any service of process, legal notice, letter, or annual report received into your customer account locally in Ohio. You receive instant notification of any paperwork scanned into your Ohio registered agent client account.

As an added Ohio registered agent service, we also keep track of your State annual report due date and email you reminders with how-to links to file your paperwork in a timely manner with Ohio.

Why should I have a registered agent?

In the state of Ohio, every company is supposed to appoint a registered agent. Additionally, the state requires an official registered office on record where your agent can be found during normal business hours. Starting a new company in the state of Ohio can be a cumbersome process. It’s essential that you finish an assortment of legal forms and documents. At, we can assist your company by managing your registered agent services.