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About Your Registered Agent in Virginia

Okay, here’s the scoop about registered agent service in Virginia.

Several businesses are on the web providing commercial registered agent services. From the most massive of the impersonal and overpriced to the smallest, unseasoned local start-ups, you have a wide range of options when it comes to designating your Virginia registered agent. is not too big and we’re not too small. Our goal is to help you decide on the registered agent that is optimal for your Virginia company.

Describe the responsibilities of a normal registered agent in Virginia?

A registered agent in Virginia furnishes a legal address where a person is present during standard business hours. Your registered agent is responsible to receive service of process and legal documents on behalf of your business and then send this paperwork on to your business. Additionally, your registered agent will prompt you of important filing cutoff dates like annual report forms and other renewals. Your agent can also check to see to it that your company is in conformance with Virginia state law.

What kind of benefits come from having a registered agent?

Virginia businesses benefit in several ways by appointing a resident agent. Obviously, nominating a statutory agent keeps your business in conformity to state law. With as your registered agent, as soon as you get any legal notification, service of process, annual report notification or letter – we accept those in your place. Momentarily, we’re scanning your documents into your online account. You’ll receive instant notice of any paperwork we upload into your registered agent account. Additionally, we also keep track of your Virginia filing due dates and email you reminders with how-to links so you can submit your report ahead of schedule with the State of Virginia.

What qualities should I be looking for when selecting a registered agent?

Practical Knowledge: You want to choose a registered agent who knows what they’re doing, who’s been performing the duties of a registered agent for several years and has a solid track record.

Dependability: You have to be able to trust your registered agent. You need to know that they will fulfill their responsibilities and be available during typical business hours to receive service of process and other legal paperwork.

Character: Your Virginia registered agent must have a reputation for forwarding legal paperwork and service of process in a reliable and timely manner. If they receive legal papers on your behalf and fail to deliver them to you, your business could wind up with a ruling against you in court and not even know that your company is involved in a lawsuit.

Customer Relations: Let’s say you have a question about or you need to clarify some aspect of your business as it relates to the State of Virginia. You don’t want to talk to a person reading off a script in a call center in some foreign country, you want to chat with a consumer service rep who actually knows a thing or two about business registered agent service in Virginia.

Additional Services: In addition to basic registered agent service (by accepting your legal paperwork), check to see if your registered agent offers additional services like: Customized paperwork for state filings, email reminders for important filing deadlines and due dates, any other tools that will keep your company in good standing with the state.